12 Additional switches
TeXpider-specific switches are appended after the -$h switch. h should be followed by the left parenthesis, followed by switch(es) with optional + or - sign. Multiple switches are separated by commas, no spaces allowed.
The following additional switches are understood by the TeXpider:
(t-. Generate non-transparent .gif files. While the majority of browsers correctly handle transparent Gifs, NetScape on unix platforms is incapable of showing them on BW monitors. With this switch on, the bitmaps are generated with the background of the page. The disadvantage of doing this is another NetScape bug: in non-TrueColor modes, the color mapping logic of NetScape often will translate the page and gif background differently (even if the document source specifies the same number); this will make the gif backgrounds visible. Using this switch will make generated pages visible on all hardware but will make them less attractive for many users. In general, if you anticipage that SUN users may want to access your pages, you should generate non-transparent gifs. Yet another solution is to generate two sets