9 Additional options
The following options can be placed into the VTEX.INI file to control how the output is generated.
[Emitter]/[Resolution]: the .dpi resolution to be used in rendering graphics images. The default is 120 dpi. Increasing the resolution will produce larger images.
[Emitter]/[DiBits]: only the value of 1 is currently supported.
[ITEX]/[cachesize]: the size of font cache used in rendering fonts. Cache value of 100000 (100KB) should be sufficient. Large cache makes the TeXpider faster.
[ITEX]/[darken]: The darkening coefficient in generating fonts from the .if4 outlines. The default is 1. Larger values will produce darker fonts.
[ITEX]/[bitmappedfonts]: should the bitmapped fonts be used? If yes, the TeXpider will use the information in RFONTS.SET to locate the bitmapped fonts. This value can be set to 0 (NO) or 1 (YES).