8 Bitmapped fonts
The TeXpider can use either scalable (.IF4) or bitmapped fonts (.PK, . PXL, .GF). While we were one of the first companies advocating the use of scalable fonts (well before TrueType ever existed), with the TeXpider you may want to consider using bitmapped fonts. The rationale here is that the TeXpider builds the output only once and you want it to look the best on screen. The bitmapped fonts will produce better quality images in all cases.
To use the bitmapped fonts, you should run the
CGRASTER utility program to configure them (this is described in VTEX user guide) and then turn the [ITEX]/[bitmappedfonts] setting in VTEX.INI on. (Of course, you would also need the bitmapped fonts at the right resolutions: these can be created using VMetaFont). Some common pre-generated bitmapped fonts for resolutions 120dpi and 160dpi are supplied.