9.5 Curve Drawing Commands
Curves drawn consist of parabolic arcs between coordinate points with tangents at each point parallel to the straight line through adjacent points.
\arc[<symbol count>](X1,Y1){<angle>} draws a circular arc centred on current position, starting from (X1,Y1) and proceeding counterclockwise for <angle> degrees.

\bezier{<symbol count>}(X1,Y1)(X2,Y2)(X3,Y3) draws a curve through the end points (X1,Y1) and (X3,Y3) tangent to the straight lines joining each of them to (X2,Y2). Extended faster replacement for bezier.sty version.

\bigcircle[<symbol count>]{<diameter>} draws a circle of diameter equal to <diameter> times \unitlength.

\closecurve[<symbol count>](<coordinates>) draws a closed curve with continuous tangents at all points. At least 6 coordinates required.

\curve[<symbol count>](<coordinates>) draws a curve through the specified <coordinates>. For 4 coordinates this is a straight line.

\scaleput(X1,Y1){<picture object>} places a picture object in a position scaled by \xscale, \xscaley, \yscale and \yscalex for axonometric projection or rotations.

\tagcurve[<symbol count>](<coordinates>) draws a curve without its first and last segments but if only 6 coordinates draws the last segment only.