5 Symbols
curves can also place symbols. \curvesymbol must first define the symbol as anything a \put or \multiput may draw. A negative symbol count between drawing command and coordinates e.g., \tagcurve[-3](0,100,...) fixes the number of symbols per curve segment.
These commands draw flight times and successive positions in the following drawing:
___\put(5,4){\curve[-2](0,0, 9.8,19.6, 19.6,0)}
___\put(5,2){\curve[-2](0,0, 9.8,19.6, 19.6,0)}
where \phantom is a plain TEX command from the TEXbook.

Successive positions of a sphere with initial position m,
initial velocity m/s, and acceleration m/s.
The flight time is recorded above each sphere position.
Fixed spacing of symbols at lengths other than the segment's requires more commands. Empty
\curvedashes, empty \curvesymbol and negative symbol count stops drawing so a drawing command will calculate \curvelength only. \curvesymbol