4 Scaling
The size of LATEX picture objects may be uniformly scaled by preceding them with:
where x the desired scale factor is a decimal number.
\scaleputs in \RAFsixE position the curves using the scale factors \xscale, \xscaley, \yscale and \yscalex. The drawing commands use the same scale factors. curve initially sets these scale factors to 1, 0, 1 and 0 respectively. \renewcommand may reset them to any decimal number. These factors can rotate pictures. The factors following rotate the RAF 6E through 12 clockwise about its (0,0) co-ordinate:
This draws:

The RAF 6E has maximum lift at angles of attack over 12.
Note that and
Axonometric projection is another scaling application. Circles become ellipses and circular arcs become elliptical arcs. The commands drawing the ellipse and arc in the following washer are: