Font support in VTeX

VTeX supports five types of fonts:

  • Type 1 (.PFB) fonts.
  • VTeX Native (.IF4) fonts.
  • TrueType (.TTF) fonts.
  • Bitmap fonts.
  • CID fonts.
  • The two more important formats are Type1 and IF4. Type1 is the recommended format for the PDF mode and for generation of PostScript files via DVI; IF4 is the recommended format for the DVI and HTML formats.

    Type 1 Fonts

    VTeX supports Type1 (PostScript) fonts when generating PDF or PostScript output. You also can use PostScript fonts with any other VTeX driver provided that the ATM (Adobe's Type Manager) is installed.

    We recommend using Type 1 font format for building the best quality PDF outputs.

    VTeX/Pro distribution comes with almost a thousand of Type 1 fonts, including

    VTeX can use Type 1 fonts available from other vendors. The AliasPS utility easily configures these third-party fonts for use by VTeX.

    The .IF4 Scalable Fonts

    .IF4 is the VTeX native scalable font format. All VTeX modes can use the IF4 format. The IF4 font format supports all the font effects. Both the DVI driver and the HTML-mode GIF generator can use this format efficiently and produce high quality anti-aliased glyphs.

    The .IF4 format is not recommended for the PDF mode.

    The VTeX distribution includes more than 600 fonts in the IF4 format; we also include tools for conversion from the TrueType and Type1 formats.

    TrueType Fonts

    VTeX supports TrueType fonts in two different ways. You can use TrueType fonts directly with the Windows previewer and the Windows generic printer driver. Or, you can convert them to the VTeX's native scalable font format (.IF4) and use with any Windows or DOS drivers.

    There are pro-'s and con-'s to both and that is why we offer two ways.

    The advantages of using TrueType fonts directly are:

  • No conversion needed.
  • Smaller output files if you are using PostScript printers.
  • The advantages of converting TrueType to .IF4 are:
  • Using the TT2IF and TT2MAP utilities, you can customize font layouts.
  • IF4 fonts support additional font effects you may want to use.
  • The display quality is generally comparable. TrueType fonts are not recommended for PS or PDF output; Type1 leads to better quality and (in case of PDF) more reliable documents. VTeX distribution includes 140 most common TeX fonts in the TrueType format.

    Bitmapped Fonts

    For compatibility, VTeX supports old-fashion TeX Bitmap fonts:

  • .GF : default MetaFont output.
  • .PXL: outdated unpacked pixel fonts.
  • .PK : packed bitmap fonts.
  • While MicroPress supplies only a minimal set of bitmap fonts (for use in the TeXpider), the included CGRASTER utility allows one to configure any bitmap fonts you may have for VTeX.

    CID Fonts

    VTeX 6.4+ supports Adobe CID fonts for use in CJK PDF documents.