TM-Math Fonts from MicroPress

Full Serif Math Solution for TeX

New version 1.2

April 15, Y2K, New York.

MicroPress is proud to announce immediate availability of the TM-Math font family version 1.2. TM-Math is a set of fonts that extend Adobe's Times Roman (TM) with all TeX mathematical symbols. The new version of TM-Math adds a large set of glyphs for full compatibility with the TeX T1 layout; most important TS1 characters are included as well. To see the full set of enclosed symbols, follow the links below.

TM-Math includes ten Type 1 fonts:

Font Name TM-Math font Corresponding CM font
TM-Math Math Italics tmmi10 cmmi
TM-Math Math Symbols tmsy10 cmsy
TM-Math Math Extension tmex10 cmex
TM-Math Bold Math Italics tmmib10 cmmib
TM-Math Bold Math Symbols tmbsy10 cmbsy
TM-Math Bold Math Extension tmexb10 cmexb
TM-Math Regular Extension tmrm10ex ---
TM-Math Bold Extension tmrb10ex ---
TM-Math Italic Extension tmri10ex ---
TM-Math BoldItalic Extension tmbi10ex ---

The last four fonts extend base Times Roman fonts with extra characters needed for TeX typesetting. Rather than to use them directly, a TeX user would typically use fonts in the OT1 or T1/TS1 encodings:

Font Name OT1 fonts T1 fonts TS1 fonts
TM-Text Regular tmrm10ot tmrm10t1 tmrm10ts
TM-Text Italic tmri10ot tmri10t1 tmri10ts
TM-Text Bold tmrb10ot tmrb10t1 tmrb10ts
TM-Text Bold Italic tmbi10ot tmbi10t1 tmbi10ts

TM-Math includes all the usual TeX symbols, including Calligraphic and OldStyle.

The TS1 layouts and support files were cloned fro