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New Math Solution for TeX

April 1, 1999, New York.

MicroPress is proud to announce immediate availability of the Informal Math font family. Informal Math is a set of fonts loosely based on the Adobe's Tekton (TM) family with all TeX mathematical symbols.

TM-Math includes seven Type 1 fonts:

Font Name IF-Math font Corresponding CM font
IF-Math Math Italics ifmi cmmi
IF-Math Math Symbols ifsy cmsy
IF-Math Math Extension ifex cmex
IF-Math Regular ifrg cmr
IF-Math Bold ifb cmbx
IF-Math Oblique ifo cmti
IF-Math Bold Oblique ifbo cmbxti

IF-Math includes all usual TeX symbols, including Calligraphic and OldStyle symbols.

IF-Math includes all required style and configuration files for an instant build of the format files for Plain TeX, LaTeX 2E, LaTeX 2.09, AmSTeX, and AMSLaTeX. For LaTeX2E, IF-Math also includes informal.sty style for use of IF-Math with the standard latex.fmt

IF-Math is supported by VTeX PDF backend, VTeX PostScript driver, and all other VTeX drivers (via the ATM). IF-Math can also be used with DVIPS. [Due to the inability of DVIPS to handle font subsetting properly, we recommend using the "-j0" switch to disable font subsetting.] IF-math distribution for VTeX users also includes the fonts in the IF4 format for use with the TeXpider.

IF-math differs from the other MicroPress' Math Solutions in the following ways:

Font metric files are provided for the OT1 and the LV1 encodings. (OT1 is the traditional 7-bit TeX encoding; LV1 is the VTeX default encoding which adds commonly used characters like brackets, braces, guillemets, and others.)

Since IF-Math is a full replacement for the CM fonts, no change in your documents is required: just specify an IF-Math based format.

Suggested use: Announcements, Fliers, Presentations, Web Publishing. For conventional articles, reports, books consider TM-Math or HV-Math.

The introductory price of the IF-Math set is only $100 US ($75 for VTeX users). Price will be raised on 5/1/1999.

IF-Math Samples

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Trademarks Tekton is a trademark of Adobe Systems. ATM is a trademark of Adobe Systems. VTeX, TeXpider, Informal Math and IF-Math are trademarks of MicroPress, Inc. Copyright (C) 1999 by MicroPress, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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