HV-Math Fonts from MicroPress

First full Sans-Serif Math Solution for TeX

New version 1.2

December 31, 1999, New York.

MicroPress is proud to announce immediate availability of the HV-Math font family version 1.2. HV-Math is a set of fonts that extend Adobe's Helvetica (TM) with all TeX mathematical symbols. The new version of HV-Math adds a large set of glyphs for full compatibility with the TeX T1 layout; most important TS1 characters are included as well. To see the full set of enclosed symbols, follow the links below.

HV-Math includes ten Type 1 fonts:

Font Name HV-Math font Corresponding CM font
HV-Math Math Italics hvmi10 cmmi
HV-Math Math Symbols hvsy10 cmsy
HV-Math Math Extension hvex10 cmex
HV-Math Bold Math Italics hvmib10 cmmib
HV-Math Bold Math Symbols hvbsy10 cmbsy
HV-Math Bold Math Extension hvexb10 cmexb
HV-Math Regular Extension hvrm10ex ---
HV-Math Bold Extension hvrb10ex ---
HV-Math Regular Extension Obliquehvro10ex ---
HV-Math Bold Extension Oblique hvbo10ex ---

The last four fonts extend the base Helvetica fonts with extra characters needed for TeX typesetting. Rather than using them directly, a TeX user would typically use fonts in the OT1 or T1/TS1 encodings:

Font Name OT1 fonts T1 fonts TS1 fonts
HV-Text Regular hvrm10ot hvrm10t1 hvrm10ts
HV-Text Oblique hvro10ot hvro10t1 hvro10ts
HV-Text Bold hvrb10ot hvrb10t1 hvrb10ts
HV-Text Bold Oblique hvbo10ot hvbo10t1 hvbo10ts

HV-Math includes all the usual TeX symbols, including Calligraphic and OldStyle.

The TS1 layouts that appear above are courtesy of Walter Schmidt (who is also the author among others of hvmaths and the CMBright font family) The TS1 layouts are partial, but all the characters likely to be needed are in. A specifically important ones are the cu