CM Bright Text and Math Fonts

For the first time available in Type 1 format

February 15, 2000, New York.

MicroPress is proud to announce immediate availability of the Computer Modern Bright typefaces in hinted Type 1 format.

CM Bright is a family of well-legible, inobtrusive sans serif fonts, particularly destined for use with TeX. The typefaces have been originally designed by Walter Schmidt in the METAFONT format. Beside text and text companion fonts, CM Bright includes a full set of math fonts so as to support all mathematical typesetting capabilites of TeX. Furthermore, an extra monospaced font family -- CM Typewriter Light -- is provided, which matches CM Bright better than ordinary cmtt would do. The existing macro support for CM Bright (cmbright.sty) makes these Type 1 fonts immediately useful for most TeX systems.

CM Bright is one of only two solutions for typesetting mathematics in sans-serif: the other is the MicroPress' HV-math family.

CM Bright samples
A sample document using CM Bright (PDF, 49kB)

The CM Bright font set includes

43 Sans serif text fonts
with OT1, T1 (European) and TS1 (text companion) encoding (CM Bright regular, slanted, semibold, semibold slanted, boldface extended; semibold series is not available with OT1 encoding).
6 Typewriter fonts
with OT1, T1 and TS1 encoding (CM Typewriter Light regular, slanted).
4 Sans serif math fonts
with OML encoding (CM Bright Math Italic regular, boldface).
3 Sans serif math fonts
with OMS encoding (CM Bright Math Symbols).
6 Sans serif math symbol fonts,
providing the full set of the "AMS" symbols (CM Bright MSAM/MSBM).

Just like the other Computer Modern typeface families, CM Bright includes multiple design sizes. Unlike the huge number of fonts in the EC set, howeve, CM Bright supplies only a few essential design sizes, allowing one to get the benefit of optical scaling with minimum effort and without much wasting of disk space.

MicroPress' CM Bright Type 1 fonts can be used with VTeX (including the free versions on Linux and OS/2), as well as with dvips and other TeX applications on Wintel and Unix platforms that can work with Type 1 fonts and tfm's.

VTeX users: please note that the entire CM Bright Font Set is included in the VTeX/Pro distribution.

This release of CM Bright has been optimized for best results on common laser printers; it supersedes the version previously distributed with VTeX, which was likely to be rendered too light. The VTeX distribution will be updated with the new fonts shortly.

For a limited time, the entire fontset is available for only $100 ($1.6/font). This low introductory price would not last --- order now!

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