BA-Math Fonts from MicroPress

Bringing the traditional Math typeface back to life

June 20, Y2K, New York.

MicroPress is proud to announce immediate availability of the BA-Math font family. BA-Math is an implementation of the Baskerville fontset which includes all TeX mathematical symbols. BA-Math includes a large set of text-mode glyphs for full compatibility with the TeX T1 layout; most important TS1 characters are included as well. To see the full set of enclosed symbols, follow the links below.

BA-Math includes ten Type 1 fonts:

Font Name BA-Math font Corresponding CM font
BA-Math Math Italics bami10 cmmi
BA-Math Math Symbols basy10 cmsy
BA-Math Math Extension baex10 cmex
BA-Math Bold Math Italics bamib10 cmmib
BA-Math Bold Math Symbols babsy10 cmbsy
BA-Text Regular
BA-Text Regular Extension
BA-Text Bold
BA-Text Bold Extension
BA-Text Italic
BA-Text Italic Extension
BA-Text BoldItalic
BA-Text BoldItalic Extension

The Extended text fonts extend the base (Standard Encoding) fonts with extra characters needed for TeX typesetting. Rather than to use them directly, a TeX user would typically use fonts in the OT1 or T1/TS1 encodings:

Font Name OT1 fonts T1 fonts TS1 fonts
BA-Text Regular barm10ot barm10t1 barm10ts
BA-Text Italic bari10ot bari10t1 bari10ts
BA-Text Bold barb10ot barb10t1 barb10ts
BA-Text Bold Italic babi10ot babi10t1 babi10ts

BA-Math includes all the usual TeX symbols, including Calligraphic and OldStyle.

The TS1 layouts and support files were cloned from the Walter Schmidt's files for the HVmath distribution. The TS1 layouts are partial, but all the characters likely to be needed are in. A specifically important ones are the currency symbols, including the Euro. The Virtual fonts and TFM's for the TS1 encoding are supplied.

BA-Math font set is automatically recognized by VTeX 7 format manager; BA-Math includes all required style and configuration files for an instant build of the format files for Plain TeX, LaTeX 2E, LaTeX 2.09, AmSTeX, and AMSLaTeX.

BA-Math is supported by VTeX PDF backend, VTeX PostScript driver, and all other VTeX drivers (via the ATM).

Since BA-Math is a full replacement for the CM fonts, no change in your documents is required: just specify an BA-Math based format.

BA-Math fonts can be used by themselves (as quality replacement for Computer Modern), or together with HV-math (BA-math for the body, and HV-math for headers.)

Besides VTeX, BA-Math can be used with DVIPS on Unix/DOS/Windows/OS2 platforms, as well as other software which can handle Type1 and Virtual fonts [pdftex, dvipdfm, for example, but not dvipsone, which lacks virtual font support.]

BA-Math distributions for VTeX and Unix are different; the VTeX distribution is packaged for VTeX installer and is useless for Unix platforms (including VTeX for Linux). BA-Math distribution for VTeX also comes with a number of additional files, including the fonts in the IF4 format (for TeXpider and non-PS DVI drivers) and additional .vf/.fd files for extra encodings (LV1, LV1-ISO, LV1-PC). On the other hand, the Unix distribution includes instructions/support for dvips.

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Trademarks Times Roman is a trademark of Linotype-Hell. ATM is a trademark of Adobe Systems. VTeX and BA-Math are trademarks of MicroPress, Inc.
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