VTeX/Free v8.44.2 - the free VTeX distribution for OS/2 and Linux

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What is VTeX/Free ?

VTeX/Free is a TeX distribution, which is built around the VTeX program. VTeX is an implementation of the TeX typesetting engine, including the eTeX extensions. VTeX can generate PDF or PostScript output immediately from the TeX source file. The distribution includes Plain TeX, a LaTeX system with many additional packages and fonts, and the Bibtex and Makeindex programs.

In contrast to traditional TeX systems, no intermediate DVI files need to be generated, no DVI driver programs are required, and there is no need to take care of their sometimes fussy setup. The common PostScript and PDF viewers Ghostscript and Adobe Reader (Acrobat) are to be used for (pre)viewing and printing. Output from VTeX is immediately suitable for public distribution, e.g., over the www, since PDF and PostScript are standardized document formats.

VTeX/Free comes in two variants:

VTeX has a built-in Postcript interpreter (GeX) and supports

Packages such as PStricks, PSfrag and draftcopy can be used with VTeX. and are part of the distribution. The Hyperref features are supported in both PDF and PostScript mode. PDF encryption is available without external tools.

Beside the standard Computer Modern fonts, VTeX/Free includes lots of other free Type 1 fonts and the macro packages to use them:

Actually, VTeX/Free is a partial port of the VTeX/Win TeX system by MicroPress Inc. It does, however, not include the shell and/or