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MicroPress products brief overview

This page lists VTeX products and their major features. You can see more detailed descriptions by following the hyperlinks.

VTeX scientific desktop publishing system

VTeX is a professional publishing system aimed for preparing scientific publications. It is based on popular TeX typesetting system originally developed by Donald E. Knuth. But VTeX is not just a TeX port to the Windows platform, it is much more. We made a convenient, intuitively clear user shell, added a set of visual tools to deal with TeX objects. For comprehensive description of VTeX click here. Also see a list of some unique features of VTeX.

VTeX lite

Minimal TeX system: TeX->DVI compiler, IDE, previewer, printer drivers, online documentation, and standard fonts.


This is the low cost alternative to getting the entire VTeX system. VTeX/A includes the VTeX TeX->PDF compiler (the only one pass compiler with full graphics support, including all common bitmapped formats, EPS, and inline PostScript), standard macro packages and the standard fonts. VTeX/A does not include the IDE, Visual Tools, optional fonts, or support for DVI and HTML modes. For a detailed price/component comparison, click here


... allows to include and visually edit TeX-style equations within word-processing packages (Word, WordPad, AmiPro, Excel, etc.). Since it is an OLE-based Windows application, it is compatible with many other programs.

Its special "lite" version - EqMagic Lite - is available for free.


... automatically builds HTML documents from your LaTeX sources. Unlike other TeX-to-HTML converters, TeXpider (pronounced tek-spi-der) contains full TeX power. This makes it more reliable and flexible than alternative tools. Comes with TeX macro packages that allow you to define frames, background images, and other HTML objects right in your LaTeX source. This makes the TeXpider the best tool for publishing your documents on-line.


... Besides TeX-ware, MicroPress offers a variaty of fonts for TeX-nical users, most not available anywhere else. Click on the link above for some exciting choices.

All MicroPress products are fully Y2K compliant.

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